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Urban Legend Square LogoWhat’s on the label?

Urban Legend’s labels prominently feature the Port of Oakland waterfront container loading cranes. To many, nothing gives Oakland a sense of place like the cranes. In fact, our label art was rendered from a crane that works just a couple of blocks from our winery. It’s our ‘hood.

To many, however, the cranes represent the “muse” for George Lucas’ AT-AT Snow Walkers that attacked the Resistance in the second Star Wars movie, “The Empire Strikes Back”. And, every time we hear the story, we simply reply: urban legend.

In a 2008 interview with SF Chronicle reporter Peter Hartlaub, Lucas politely, but firmly, asserted, "That’s a myth. That’s definitely a myth." Nah, dude, they weren't cranes, they were garbage trucks,” San Francisco Chronicle, June 25, 2008

Such is the stuff of an Urban Legend.

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