Welcome to Urban Legend! We’re thrilled to welcome you to our patio to enjoy fine wines in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Part of our welcome is sharing how we can all work together to have a secure and thoroughly enjoyable experience together. Here’s how:

  1. Thank you for supporting our winery community and our associates by wearing a face covering any time you aren’t seated at your table enjoying your wine and food and when one of our associates is at your table. If you arrive without a face covering, we’re happy to provide one for you. We’ll all be wearing them, too. We apologize if we don’t immediately recognize you; it’ll take us a few tries to do so with only your eyes smiling.
  2. We’re grateful to have so much wonderful outdoor space to savor together. It’s not infinite, however, so we’re requiring reservations to assure that everyone here has a comfortable amount of space around them to enjoy their time with us. Parties are limited to six or fewer guests (including children) from your social bubble. We appreciate that you’ll stay at your table (kids, too, please) except when picking up food or accessing the restrooms. When you do leave your table, please respect our hallway routing; we’ll have signs to direct you in and out.
  3. When you arrive, we’ll meet you at our check-in station to confirm your visit. We’ll take your entire group to your table at one time, so please organize at your cars before coming in. If you arrive by alternate transportation, we will direct your group to a waiting area until your table is ready. We may ask you to sign a copy of our COVID-19 liability waiver at that time and may check your temperature before going to your table.
  4. Table reservations are limited to 90 minutes to give us time to disinfect between seatings. We’ll do our best to make the most of your time with us. Picnicking is not permitted at this time. While meal service is not mandatory, we encourage you to support our food partners by purchasing.
  5. We’ve expanded our patio to accommodate additional tables with shading cabanas. To do so, we repurposed some of our parking capacity. As all our remaining parking is dedicated to vehicles displaying handicap parking placards or for curbside pickup, please park just outside our gates in the area adjacent to the wine barrels and planters near our entrance. Signs will direct you when you arrive.
  6. Because we must limit how many can join us, we’re grateful that you purchase a minimum of two bottles for on- or off-site consumption or two glasses or flights of wine. All wine club discounts apply, and corkage is complimentary while we’re in reopening.
  7. And, last, but certainly not least, we beg you to be mindful. This isn’t new to us any more, but we’re all weary of restrictions. Please treat our associates and other guests with patience and kindness. And, please stay home if you are not feeling well.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We’re looking forward to your visit and will do everything we can to make it truly enjoyable and delicious.