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San Franscisco Skyline from Urban Legend Patio

Visiting an established (winery) friend in their new place, what could be better? We could not wait to visit Urban Legend in their new Alameda tasting room!

As part of our Mother’s Day celebration this year, we visited Urban Legend in their Oakland location. A good time was had by all (thanks, wine guide Molly!) and at that time we learned that they were moving their tasting room to Alameda, into the building that already held their production equipment. We waited, somewhat impatiently, until their new space was ready. It was time for our first visit!... [Read More]

2014 Tempranillo Best in Class"A tempranillo that spins out across the palate with exceptionally sunny fruit, an alluring thread of herbs and backpedaling tannins to make this take on the varietal all pleasure." - Mike Dunne, SFCWC Wine Judge,  Sacramento Bee Wine columnist.

Paste Magazine 52 Wines in 52 Weeks: Grenache is Liquid Summer


Urban Legend Grenache Blanc (Oakland, CA $22)

urban grenache.png

Do you like vegetables and have a hard time figuring out what wine to pour with them? The green, herby components of Grenache blanc can be an excellent solution. There’s an anise-like note to this one that really wants to hang out with fennel or carrots (or salmon). A certain wet-stone and stone fruit character suggests nuts and goat cheeses might be good plays. It’s nuanced enough to stand up to assertive salad greens like arugula and even probably watercress. There’s some tangerine on the finish that says you’d be well-advised to apply a cistrusy dressing to that salad. I think avocadoes would also enjoy an evening out with a glass of this stuff. It’s versatile. And wonderful.

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