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Not The Same Old Wine Club (NTSOWC)

Why is this "Not the same old wine club"?  Well because its not about Urban Legend it is about you.  Marilee and I have both been exasperated by wine clubs that send us things we really don't like year after year or send us monotonous multiples of the same thing time and time again.  So we've set out to change all that.  This club delivers what you want and rewards you for being a loyal customer


  • Freedom to choose any wine for your club selection.

  • Complementary tasting in the tasting room, including reserve selections for up to a party of 4.

  • Member-s only events

  • First call on new releases and rare library selections. Last call notice on vintages and limited release wines.

  • Members-only sales and special wines

  • Every day discounts on wine (usually between 10% and 25% or more)

  • Discounts on accessories

  • Discounts on winery space rentals (after 1 year of membership)

  • Discounts on winery events

  • Discounts on wine-related events sponsored by other organizations


How it works

  1. Club releases are quarterly, semi-annually east of the Rockies: February, May, August and November. April and October for semi-annual.

  2. Just before the beginning of a release we’ll send an email with new wines, last calls, and Club specials for the quarter. We’ll also announce the “pick-out” party date.

  3. On the first Thursday of the period we’ll bill bill your credit card for a deposit towards your selection.

  4. Once the period begins, you select your wines. Stop in and pick them up or we’ll get them to you.* If you want a standing selection, we’re happy to accommodate you.

  5. Your Club selections will be discounted based on the number of bottles per release you have committed to purchase:

Bottles/ quarter

(West of Rockies)

Bottles/ Semi-annually

(East of Rockies)


from list price














  1. You are always welcome to to take more than your commitment. All your selections will be discounted at your current Club release level.

  2. You can change the number of committed bottles and your discount will adjust accordingly. We ask that you stay at the higher Club level for at least two releases.

How to Join

Call at 510.545.4356 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We'll get you started on the best wine experience ever!

Urban Legend Events

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