It's all about you®

We know we say “It’s all about you” a lot but it is, especially when you’ve adopted our wine club family.   You are our heart and soul, we make these wines for you.  As club member you should always be delighted by receiving your pick-out.  This is precisely why we don’t have set wine shipments and why we don’t ship until you’re ready for wine.

So how does this work?

We like to keep things as simple as possible.   You commit to purchase a minimum number of wines either twice or four times per year, depending on where the wine is to be delivered.  You are free to select any wine.

  • We let you know via email what’s new and specially priced this period
  • At the begning of each “pick-out” period your credit card on file will be charged a deposit approximately equal to the minimum cost to fulfill your pick-out commitment.  We turn the deposit into a gift certificate, just use the certificate code at check-out (we’re working on automating that bit, stay tuned)
  •  When you are ready select your wines, once you have your commitment level in the cart your “pick-out” discount is automatically applied.  You are welcome top purchase additional wines at the full pick-out discount or more (see the details below).
  • Some specially priced packages may not be eligible for a discount and/ or full credit against club commitment level, due to the extreme discount.

Select your location

For our wine club family in the west we offer club pick-outs four times per year.  For those further east, we ship twice a year to avoid shipping delays (usually the weather won’t cooperate between May to October and December to March).  Select your delivery state to see club options.

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California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington





Continental US

Six by Two

Twelve by Two

*Included shipping for CA, OR, NV, WA two or more bottles.  Local delivery (one attempt) for Alameda, Emeryville, Kensington, Oakland, Piedmont, and San Leandro.  All shipments/ deliveries require a non-intoxicated adult be present.