Pecan Paté

What dishes pair best with wine? We vote for ones loaded with meaty, savory, umami. Now one of the official “tastes,” it literally means “essence of deliciousness” in its original Japanese. With their own savory flavors, red wines particularly love pairing with umami-rich foods–like, for example, our rich, creamy, savory Pecan Paté.

Try our utterly delicious Pecan Paté for an easy-to-make vegan appetizer that’s best if prepared in advance. A perennial favorite with the Urban Legend wine club, it’s a perfect complement to virtually any wine. Adapted from a recipe from Outpost Natural Foods (

Onion Confit Flatbread

Onion Confit flatbread with Peachs and Proscuitto

Flatbreads make delicious appetizers or light dinners. One of our favorites is dressed with onion confit–deeply caramelized onions that are slowly cooked to a jam-like consistency. Savory and slightly sweet, it is a delicious foil for salty cured meats, tangy cheese, bitter greens, or sweet-tart fruit slices.
Flatbread crusts can anything from homemade pizza crusts to refrigerated or frozen ones. Thin and crispy are our favorites, but a foccacia-like base would be interesting too. Puff pastry is an option. And, if you’re eating gluten free, there are a number of frozen crusts that are delicious.

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